Soviet Counter-Attack, May 1945 by Tim Porter

A view along the table. We played across the 4-foot width of a 12 foot wide table. Each army was divided into three roughly equal points commands, with the Germans having 3 commanders per 4 feet  4 Panthers were held in reserve, but poor dice meant they stayed uncommitted for the first half of the game  German infantry cower in a bunker at the edge of a small town, hearing the rumble of Soviet tanks in the distance!  A Sturmovik takes heavy damage from German flak as it targets the Ferdinand and its accompanying Ambush-scheme PzIVs hiding by the ruined monastery  Russian infantry get a nasty surprise from Mr Brumbar as they attempt to break out of the town they have just overrun. 

T-34s and BTs flood through a narrow step of open ground, braving panzerfaust fire from all sides  The lone 88 is forced to target infantry as the soviet horde overrun top-quality German armour that had gotten too close to the edge of the town  The Russkis right flank charges on. Having already despatched 2 Panthers at first contact, they also put away 2 Tigers and a Hetzer for no losses (with the help of infantry assault)  The Panther company comes online - but it was all too little too late to stem the tide of heavyweight soviet engineering excellence pouring over the German front lines Here's the overview again

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