Blitzkrieg Commander II

Blitzkrieg Commander II Cover

Blitzkrieg Commander II is an exciting wargame that allows you to re-create battles of the Second World War and Spanish Civil War using miniatures on a tabletop. Command anything from a company right up to a division and get a result in 2-3 hours without becoming bogged-down in detail. Suitable for any scale miniatures from 2mm right up to 28mm (including 6mm, 1/285, 10mm, 12mm, N Scale, 15mm and 20mm) and no re-basing required.

The rules are available as a 140-page A4-sized book (either a perfect bound hard-copy full-colour book, a print-on-demand monochrome book or a full-colour electronic PDF document) with over 45 pictures that illustrate how to play the game. These feature real miniatures as you see them on the gaming table not diagrams that belong in a physics textbook! You also get a double-sided A4-sized quick reference sheet. This is the 2nd Edition of the game (dated 2009), released on 21st December 2009 and brings the game into line with Cold War Commander. The first edition of BlitzkriegCommander is still available.

The game can be played at one of two levels: 1 base = 1 Platoon (the scale the game was designed for) or 1 base = 1 Squad or Individual Vehicle. The ground scale is 1cm = 20m or 1cm = 10m respectively. One turn represents up to 30 minutes of real-life action.

Main Features

The main features of the game include:

  • command system that emphasizes the fog of war in a simple but effective manner
  • the same mechanism for casualty resolution throughout
  • rules for infantry, tanks, recce, artillery, aircraft, engineers, fortifications & weather
  • flexible figure ratio meaning a base of infantry represents either a section or a platoon
  • minimal set-up time - simply assemble your forces and play
  • unique points system that allows for unequal forces but an equal chance of victory
  • 44 well presented army lists for 19 nations covering 15 theatres of war
  • 15 generic scenarios suitable for any nation & theatre
  • suitable for solo, 2-player & multi-player games at home, club, or tournament
  • one double-sided quick reference sheet included
  • no supplements - all you need to play in one book

Theatres Covered

  1. Spanish Civil War: Spain 1936-39 (Nationalists, Republicans)
  2. World War Two: Early Far East 1937-41 (Japan, Russia)
  3. World War Two: Poland 1939 (Germany, Poland, Russia)
  4. World War Two: Finland 1939-40 (Finland, Russia)
  5. World War Two: Norway 1940 (Germany, Norway)
  6. World War Two: France & The Low Countries 1940 (Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands)
  7. World War Two: North Africa 1940-42 (Britain & Commonwealth, Germany, Italy)
  8. World War Two: Balkans 1941 (Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia)
  9. World War Two: Early Eastern Front 1941-42 (Germany, Hungary, Rumania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain)
  10. World War Two: Far East 1941-45 (America, Britain & Commonwealth, Japan)
  11. World War Two: Tunisia 1943 (America, Britain & Commonwealth, Germany, Italy)
  12. World War Two: Mid Eastern Front 1943 (Germany, Hungary, Rumania, Russia, Spain)
  13. World War Two: Italy 1943-45 (America, Britain & Commonwealth, Germany, Italy)
  14. World War Two: Late Eastern Front 1944-45 (Germany, Hungary, Rumania, Russia)
  15. World War Two: Western Europe 1944-45 (America, Britain & Commonwealth, Germany)


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Tell Me More!

As you can see, you get a lot for your hard earned cash. Blitzkrieg Commander is a complete game system with no need to spend more on additional supplements as it's all included in this book - the only other things you'll need are some dice, miniatures and a table to play on. So are you interested?

6th Panzer Division, Eastern Front, 1941

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