Blitzkrieg Commander Review

Paul Darnell of Touching History, September 2005

Now I look at things from a visual sense, as that's how I work. So, when I was sent a copy of these rules the first thing that they said to me was, we have come a very long way since the only rules you could buy were drab black and white photo copied bodge jobs.

These are one of the most professionally published sets I have yet seen and offer the user, clear crisp text and charts, as well as some excellent stimulating images.

Written and produced by Pete Jones from the Wargames Directory, this man seems to know his onions or in this case tanks from his half tracks. They are fast play rules for WW2 and they include the Spanish Civil War as well as China. The scale is from 2mm up to 20mm scales and encompass land and air operations.

For those of you who think size matters, the rules for air attack and defence are worth checking out, as they are ideal for adding some extra spice to your 28mm games and I fully intend too when I get some skirmish games off and running.

The Rules are some 120 A4 pages long which may make some people panic, it would me, but 50% of that details comprehensive army lists for all the countries involved in WW2, including Spain Civil War & China's conflict with Japan and then Russia.

You have everything covered, from the basic mechanics of how you use your troops etc, which are very easy to understand; right up to Engineer units, minefields and clearance of them, (again useful for 28mm games) flamethrowers, bridging and demolition, air support, artillery fire, its all there.

From my on the spot reporting at the recent Partizan show, the rules were given a big thumbs up from a game being played there, although it was a later Arab V Israeli game, which proves Blitzkrieg Commander is flexible.

Overall, its a very, very well thought and laid out set of rules and not in the least daunting at all.

The step by step photos that explain aspects of the rules are first class and they put other rule sets to shame, with the amount of quality colour images that are included.

So, if your thinking of getting your tank commander to talk to your infantry commander and both of them talking to your air force, best buy these rules and they will kick some butt in Combined-Arms Operations.

You even have Online support from www.blitzkrieg-commander.com. Man, how often have I wished there was someone out there to stop me pulling my hair out whilst trying to understand some rules. This is an excellent after sales service.

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