Blitzkrieg Commander Review

Andy Saunders at Wargames.co.uk, September 2004

Well I've got to say that I am one of those people that likes to read and sad as it may seem this is about the fourth set of rules I've read this year.

The rules are well presented with clear and concise explanations for each sequence of game-play.

They are designed to game 2mm to 20 mm so are very versatile.

Each sequence has colour photographs and a walk through guide explaining exactly what to do in any given circumstance.

Overall the rules are easy to pick up and I would dare say you could game from them almost instantly learning the fine points as you go.

The rules are designed for fast play and do exactly that enabling a game to be played with a quick set up and comprehensive army lists included.

For me the best thing about these rules is you can't get bogged down by minor technicalities they don't have any.

If you are one of the must reflect this and that types of gamer that wants to spend an hour thrashing out a minor point then forget these they are not for you.

The rules come with two reference sheets, 15 scenarios and 43 complete army lists for 18 nations and will give a good fast game.

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